Rabbi Shalom Carmy, ATID's 2008 Scholar-in-Residence (3 audio shiurim)
January 16, 2008
Dr. Marvin Schick, "The Accomplishments & Future Challenges of Diaspora Jewish Education"
May 30, 2007

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Rav Adin Steinsaltz on "The Changing Boundaries of the Torah Bookshelf" (in Hebrew)
March 14, 2007

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Prof. Gerald Blidstein on Challenges in Teaching and Studying Machshevet Yisrael (in Hebrew)
(Annual Fellows/Alumni Symposium, June 20, 2006)

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Exploring the Role of Art and Creativity Through the Teachings of Rav Kook (Audio Archives)
Workshop with Dr. Simcha Chesner on ADHD in the Torah classroom January 30, 2006
Yeshiva University in Israel joined ATID in sponsoring our 8th Annual Winter Conference, with keynote speaker
Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter
"Authority and Autonomy: Educational Challenges in a World of Personal Choice"
Respondents: Rabbanit Malke Bina and Rabbi Yamin Goldsmith.
November 22, 2005
Rabbi Brovender on Art, Tefillah, and Redeeming Modern Orthodoxy
Rabbi Chaim Brovender engaged the ATID Fellows in a discussion on the potential for art to energize Jewish life and prayer, and how communing with great works of the human spirit just might redeem Modern Orthodoxy in the contemporary world.
March 14, 2005
Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter
"Emotion and Intellect in Jewish Education" - Lessons from the Thought of Rabbi Soloveitchik

Respondents: Dr. Meir Ekstein, Mrs. Sally Mayer, and Rabbi Reuven Ziegler.
February 16, 2005
Experiential Torah Teaching Seminar
R. Mitch Heifetz
December 22, 2004
Creative Spirituality: Jewish Education and the Arts
Watch ATID's New York conference on the role of art in Jewish education.
November 2003
Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter
"The Role of General Studies in Torah Education: Lessons from the Approach of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik"
Respondents: Dr. Beverly Gribetz and Rabbi Shimon Adler
January 22, 2003
M.K. Natan Sharansky
"Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: Educational Challenges and Opportunities"
Respondents: Rabbi Chaim Brovender and Rabbi Shlomo Kimche
November 26, 2002
"Educating Toward Meaningful Tefillah"
Panel Discussion: Rabbi Chaim Brovender, with responses from Dr. Beverly Gribetz (Principal, Evelina de Rothschild School), R. Daniel Gutenmacher (Yeshivat Mekor Chaim), R. Yair Kahn (Yeshivat Har Etzion), and R. Neil Winkler (Moriah School, Englewood, NJ).
December 26, 2001
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
"The Challenge of Educating for Meaningful Tefillah"
June 5, 2001
Rabbi Chaim Brovender
"Lessons from an Ordeal, Reflections on Thanksgiving & Thoughts on the Situation in Israel Today"
January 28, 2001
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm
"Learning vs. Knowing: Which Takes Precedence?"
January 25, 2001
Students at Risk: Substance Abuse in Yeshivot 
Jewish Education Facing the Challenge
Session I: Clinical Views
Session II: Educational Views
April 30, 2000

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