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The ATID Journal is a collection of research studies and monographs written by ATID Fellows and Faculty on the crucial issues facing Jewish education. Each year, ATID Fellows undertake individual research projects on issues related to their personal work in education. The Journal is a collection of these intriguing studies, as well as papers delivered in the context of our Forum for Inquiry Deliberation in Jewish Education.

These studies are the product of serious work and thinking on the part of the ATID Fellows and Faculty, and we are proud to make them available to the community of Jewish educators in Israel and abroad who are, like us, concerned with the future direction of our communal enterprise. We feel that this research represents a serious contribution toward understanding some of the crucial issues that Jewish education is facing.

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Beit Midrash Projects 2006 (Hebrew)
ATUDA Projects 2005
ATID Projects 2002
ATID Projects 2001
ATID Projects 2000
ATID Projects 1998-99
Reforms in the Traditional Talmud Curriculum
Rabbi Norman Lamm on "Learning vs. Knowing: Which Takes Precedence?" (audio download)
Substance Abuse in Yeshivot: The Clinical View
Substance Abuse in Yeshivot: Educational Views

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