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ATID-Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions
9 HaNassi Street
Jerusalem 92188 Israel
Tel. +972-2-567-1719
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Cellular 052-321-4884
Rabbi Chaim Brovender, President
Rabbi Jeffrey Saks, Director

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ATID is an independent, privately funded institution which aims to foster new and significant thought on the crucial issues facing Jewish education.

ATID is a tax-deductible charity in the United States through the American Committee for the Advancement of Torah Education in Israel, Inc. Tax identification # 11-2434546.

ATID is a registered "Amutah" in the State of Israel, # 58-035-142-7.

ATID is the founding body of Rabbi Chaim Brovender's — the first fully interactive Internet-based Yeshiva.

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