Directions to download a Word(.doc) file

While downloading, if prompted for a password, press cancel.

Left-click on the file, if your version of the browser does not allow you to display the file in the browser then follow these directions:

1) Right-click on the Word file. (A pop-up menu appears.)

2) Select 'Save Link As...' from the pop-up menu. (The 'Save As...' dialog box appears.)

3) To specify where to save the file, do one of the following:

a) Accept the saving folder displayed in the 'Save in' drop-down list box.
b) Specify a different saving location:

1] From the 'Save in' drop-down list, select the drive to store the file.

2] From the list box in the center of the 'Save As...' dialog box, select the folder to which to save the file.

4) Accept or change the name of the file in the 'File name' box.
NOTE: If the name has a file extension, do NOT change the extension.

5) Click 'Save' to save the file in the selected folder.

6) Open the Word program and the desired Word file.

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