Thank you for submitting a proposal for ATID's planned volume of essays on "Issues and Challenges in Contemporary Torah Education" (working title), to be co-published in English with Urim Publications.

If your proposal has been accepted, please bear in mind any specific comments (sent under separate cover), as well as the following guidelines, while preparing your manuscript:

  • Manuscripts should be prepared in MS WORD 2000 (or compatible program).
  • On the average, articles should run 20-25 pages (double-spaced).
  • Please use Times New Roman font, 12 points.
  • Name, address, telephone and e-mail of the author, along with a biographical note, should appear on the top of the first page.
  • Besides page numbers (which should be placed at the top of the page) no "headers" or "footers" should be inserted.
  • Your proposed title (or at least sub-title) should give a pretty clear idea of what the article is about.
  • Please preface an abstract of around 100 words (to be included in the book), which should describe the main arguments and conclusions of your article.
  • Footnotes (not endnotes) should be used, and should conform to the "Turabian" style guidelines-examples of which can be found at Titles of books should be italicized, never underlined.
  • Citations of biblical or Talmudic passages should be included in the text itself, surrounded by parentheses, and not in footnotes-e.g., (Shabbat 26b) or (Gen. 12:5). Abbreviations and standard references, including those for biblical and rabbinic literature, should follow the style of the Encyclopedia Judaica (Index, pp. 73-89).
  • Transliteration from Hebrew should follow the "general" (i.e., non-scientific) rules of the Encyclopedia Judaica (Index, pp. 90-91), with the exception that צ (tzadee) should be tz. Hebrew should appear in transliteration-both in the text and footnotes. In general, extended quotes should be cited in English only (set off and indented from the text). For matters of great necessity, Hebrew text can be quoted, if followed by English translation.
  • Articles must be received in Jerusalem no later than May 1, 2002, and should be submitted electronically by e-mail to or mailed on disk. A hard copy must also be mailed to: ATID, 9 HaNassi St., Jerusalem 92188 Israel.

Contingent upon editorial review of your final draft, we look forward to having your article in the volume. Revisions, if required, will have to be completed on a short deadline, so we request and recommend that you submit your paper as far in advance of the May 1st deadline as possible, in order to allow adequate time for editing and revisions. Copyright of published articles will rest with ATID. Authors will receive 2 free copies, and will be entitled to a significant discount on purchases of other copies from Urim Publications.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Jeffrey Saks at or at +972-2-567-1719. For more about ATID's full range of activities, please visit us at

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