Teaching of Talmud in the Israeli School System:
Ministry of Education, Teachers in the Field, and Resource Materials

Moshe Genuth, Avital Hochstein, Adina Luber and Yael Wieselberg

This project examines the relationship between the Misrad HaHinukh (Ministry of Education) and the Israeli school system, with particular reference to the study of Gemara and Torah She-ba'al Peh (Toshba).
Interviews with a broad range of high schools teachers were conducted,
considering the extent of the direction and support provided by the Misrad HaHinukh, and evaluating the use and perceived availability of their teaching manuals.  In a further interview with the head of the Toshba program at Misrad HaHinukh, helpful points of improvement are identified. Finally, a bibliography is provided with the teaching manuals published by the Misrad HaHinukh, together with a brief analysis of a selection, in order to familiarize readers with the available resources. 

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