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Daf Yomi: Debating the Educational Pro and Cons

While the upcoming completion of the 11th cycle of Daf Yomi will generally generate praise and admiration for the accomplishments of thousands of Jews worldwide and their commitment to daily Talmud study, is it possible that - as an educational campaign - these efforts are misplaced? Three thoughtful educators debate the merits and pitfalls of Daf Yomi study...

10th Siyum haShas celebrated in Madison Square Garden (Sept. 1997)

Rabbi Gidon Rothstein
Boycott: The Moderate Response to the Siyum haShas.
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Rabbi Yoel Domb
Response: In Defense of the Denigrated Daf.
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Rabbi Aaron Ross
Daf Yomi and the Siyum HaShas: Two Worthy Practices.
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Rabbi Rothstein Replies to Critiques of his Essay. Click here (RTF download).

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