ATID's Mahshevet Yisrael Initiative


Several ATID Fellows have contributed annotated bibliographies, dealing with how and why to teach Jewish thought, available primary sources, secondary sources about leading Jewish philosophers and thinkers, and contemporary resources on a series of philosophical and hashkafic topics.

Teachers of Mahshevet Yisrael would benefit from access to sources and materials that they can use in class, or which they can use in studying the topics that they are to teach. We hope that this bibliography will provide such resources to teachers. We make no attempt to be comprehensive. Instead, we have chosen selected sources that are relatively accessible and might be useful for a high school setting. As of now, we offer materials on the following subjects, with a hope that there is more to come.

Basic Primary Sources (prepared by Daphne Fishman-Secunda)
Basic Secondary Sources (prepared by Dina Blank)
How and Why to Teach Mahshevet Yisrael (prepared by Yoel Finkelman)
Readings in Various Topics in Jewish Thought (prepared by Dina Blank)

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