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תורת חיים ואהבת חסד
A Tribute to Rabbi Chaim Brovender
40 Years of Teaching Torah in Israel

On June 12, 2007 / 26 Sivan 5767 a capacity crowd of almost 400 of Rabbi Chaim Brovender's students, colleagues, family and friends gathered to pay tribute to this remarkable Rosh Yeshiva, his 40 years of teaching Torah in Israel, and his vision for Jewish education.
"Torat Chaim ve-Ahavat Chesed" is a 25-minute documentary film surveying the accomplishments and impact of Rabbi Brovender's teaching on 40 years of talmidim and talmidot. The film had its premiere showing at the tribute evening. Watch it online now...
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Watch Rabbi Brovender's address to the gathering: "Ben Arbaim la-Bina: Reflections on my Career in Talmud Torah" – an inspiring, emotional, and (as always!) humorous talk and shiur.
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Download the Tribute Book which was presented to Rabbi Brovender at the event – with contributions from over 130 students and colleagues on the experience of learning Torah with Rabbi Brovender and in his yeshivot.
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Those attending the evening received a copy of "Moadei Chaim" – a special CD with 15 shiurim on the cycle of the Jewish Holidays, containing over 10 hours of Rabbi Brovender's teachings on the Chagim.

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See a slideshow of pictures from the dinner.

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Tribute Committee
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